Starting My Business


When deciding to start my design business I had two goals, design pretty things and make a little change while doing it. Not a huge amount but spending money for my girls and I. I created a logo with my favorite font at the time, in my favorite colors at the time (teal), and created a coded-from-scratch website. Looking back I’ve come a long way from my beginning. So I had a logo and a website. And I offered everything I possible could as a service. I solicited projects from friends and family. Soon came the birth of social media and instagram. Jackpot! Free advertisement and networking.


Then my new business, that I was treating like a hobby started attracting real interest from people I didn’t know. This is when I had to start thinking about the smartest way to handle all this new business. In my business journey I’ve been blessed to meet other business owners and gifted folks who have skillsets I simply do not. I reached out to friends and clients who had been in business for themselves for years longer than I and asked specific questions. From there I begin implementing changes. Listening and watching folks who had been in business for themselves was the best thing any new business can do. We all know that most of our businesses are not the first of its kind, so there’s no secret that other like businesses are watching like businesses to see what they are doing and what works. As long as I didn’t flat out copy someone else I found folks didn’t mind sharing what has worked for them. This was so crucial to the growth of Caryberry.

Starting my business was fun. Growing it has been a blessing. Envisioning where it can go is jawdropping.

Tell me about how your business got started.